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Candle Holder

Candle Holder

Create a romantic and soft atmosphere. Light a candle within to create a wonderful glow full of warm ambiance, Absolutely beautiful and unique way to add elegance and a bit of glamour to all occasions. Decorate your tabletop beautifully for a party and special occasions. Not only for your wedding, party and special occasions but also for your home. Afterward a timeless and stunning addition to any decor! You can also make it a charming and useful gift! 

Mosaic candle holders are hand made with small glass pieces assembled in a mosaic style and held in place by gypsum around a clear glass cylinder shape. Unique mosaic design, all texture was handmade and let you feel high-grade, decorative bowl with magic light for home festival, office, hotel, shopping mall and etc. The holders sparkle and glow when the tea light is added, giving a warm and romantic light. Great craftsmanship and excellent quality. This candle holder

comes as standard.

Matching Block Candle can even be used in dining rooms and halls for the decoration purpose and parties etc. Also, It can be used as a unique gift too and the best and amazing thing about the product is that it shines like a diamond whenever a tealight is burned inside. Tealight Holder made of Glass and beautiful cover With Mosaic handwork to help to light the candles for a longer time and in an attractive way. Brighten up the ambiance of your living space with this tealight holder. This tealight holder will add charm to your home.

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